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Charter Captain Tim Wojnicz

Sportfishing Lake Michigan for Over 30 Years

Lake Michigan Charter Captain TimAs a lifelong Kenosha, WI resident and Great Lakes fisherman, Capt. Tim has logged thousands of hours fishing for salmon, trout and perch from the shore, near-shore, offshore, and in the harbors and marinas. Capt. Tim also guides in the tributary rivers, in open-water, and thru the ice. The fish just don’t get a rest! He is a full-time Charter Captain, 7 days a week.

Capt.Tim has learned fishing from some of the best fishermen on the lake. He has amassed an array of styles and techniques, a big advantage for producing catches on the ever-changing conditions of Lake Michigan, which have made us the top-producing Perch charter out of Waukegan IL.

Capt. Tim is a United States Coast Guard (USCG) Licensed Captain in both Wisconsin and Illinois. With your comfort and safety in mind, he operates a drug-free vessel and makes all decisions concerning the weather.

Why Choose a USCG Licensed Captain?

Licensed CaptainIt’s for your safety. A USCG Licensed Captain has passed an extensive licensing exam administered by the USCG. USCG Licensed Captains are also required to have hundreds of verified sea time hours. Additional classes include: Safety Training, Navigational Training, Rules of the Road & Seamanship, First Aid and CPR. You never know when an emergency can arise.

Operating an unlicensed charter carries fines up to a $5000 State fine and $5000 Federal fine.

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