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When is the best time to catch fish?

It all depends on what kind of action you are interested in. Perch fishing charters run during April through Mid-June. The early part of May through the second week in June has traditionally brought in limit catches of Coho Salmon. The fish range in size about 3 to 5 lbs. If you are looking for fish to eat, Coho Salmon are the top of the line tablefare. This is also the time to bring the kids on a fishing charter! There is lots of fast action and the fish are manageable enough for most of the younger anglers to succeed without much help.

Do I need to bring anything on the fishing trip?

All the fishing tackle and equipment is provided. You are welcome to bring a small cooler to carry your choice of beverages, some light snacks, camera, sunscreen, soft-soled shoes, weather appropriate clothing, hat, sunglasses and rain gear. You will also need a cooler with ice, left in your vehicle, to bring home your catch.

Do I need a Fishing License?

Anyone over the age of 16 who comes on our fishing charter needs a Wisconsin fishing license with a Wisconsin Trout and Salmon stamp. Licenses can be obtained on-line or at Lou Perrinies gas station at Hwy. 158 & 32 (52nd St & Sheridan Road, near the Port of Kenosha). We have licenses on the boat.

How many people can we bring on your charter boat?

Even though our charter boats may seem like they can hold a lot of passengers, our Charter Captains License only allows us to carry 6 paying customers per trip. If you want to bring more than 6 people, just let us know how many people and we’ll do the rest. We work with the best Charter Captains in the area to assure you of the same quality service.

Accommodations of up to 60 guests are possible, if booked early enough.

How old do my kids have to be to go charter fishing?

Fishermen can be different no matter how old they are. I have had guests on the boat as young as 4 and they did just fine. On the other hand, I have had young fishermen that were 8 and couldn’t be away from Mom for more than an hour. You need to use your own judgment and personal experiences with the child to decided if they should go.

Are we allowed to smoke or drink alcohol on the boat?

Yes, you can smoke and drink on the boat. Just remember, someone still has to drive home. Our insurance does not allow us to give or sell you any alcohol, beer or wine, so please don’t even ask. Bring your own or go without!

What about the weather for our trip?

Rain is not a problem; we have a hardtop and drop-screens to stay comfortable. The wind and waves are our main concern. The Captain will make the final decision on the safety of the trip, either to continue fishing or to go out at all. If the conditions look fishable and the group is not sure about it, we may go outside of the harbor to get a better look at the situation. We don’t want anyone to feel unsafe or unsure.

The Captain will give you options at that time to help you make your decision.

Who is going to clean all these fish?

After the fish are racked and the pictures are taken, Capt. Tim will clean your fish, typically filleted with the skin left on. You may request the trophy be left whole or a gill and gut cleaning. The fish will be bagged and put in your cooler to take home. We are one of the few who offer FREE fish cleaning services included with the charter! Salmon only. Perch fileting is $0.50 a fish.

How many fish can we keep?

Five fish per person only, two of which can be Lake Trout, or a six guest limit of 30 fish. In Illinois, Perch limit is 15 per person. No, we don’t catch the Captain’s limit, too.

What if we catch our limit early?

We high five, pick up lines and head in! Wisconsin DNR has a new rule out called attempting to over-bag. If we are still fishing when we already have our limit we will get a ticket if stopped by wardens. The charters run for the time allotted or fish limit. We will not violate!

Is there a hotel nearby?

Yes, the Best Western Harborside in Kenosha WI. It’s only 3 blocks from our charter boat. There is a link on this website.

How early do I need to call to book a charter trip?

Sometimes it is possible to call two weeks beforehand and book your charter trip on the day you want, but I wouldn’t count on it especially for a weekend charter. May and August weekend trips usually book the earliest. If you are thinking about going during that time, January is not too early to call. In order to avoid disappointment, call or e-mail as soon as you get your date together with your fishing group. We are booking Perch charters a year in advance so plan early!

What do I need to hold my charter date?

A $150.00 DEPOSIT ($250.00 for 8 hour trips) is required for each trip or a credit card #, no money will be put on your card unless you decide not to show up for your scheduled date. 30 days notice is required for a deposit refund if you want to cancel. Checks are accepted for a deposit, but out of state checks must be a cashier’s check unless pre-arranged.

Can I use a Credit Card to pay for the trip?

Yes, you can if you use MasterCard or Visa. I have a slide machine on the boat. DNR only accepts cash for licenses.

What form of payment can I use for this charter trip?

We accept Master Card and Visa credit cards. We have a machine on the boat. Checks are also accepted and cash is gladly taken. Corporate billing is allowed, but must be approved before charter date.

Do you do corporate billing?

Yes, but it must be pre-arranged and approved before the trip.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, no pets.

If you have any other questions, please e-mail or call Capt. Tim. He is glad to help!

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