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Lake Michigan Perch Fishing

Top Producing Jumbo Perch Charters!

Jumbo Perch Fishing aboard The Finquest…We are proud to give you the best opportunity to take home a limit of Jumbo Perch. The fish average between 12″ and 14″ with numerous Jumbo Perch over 15″.

Expert fishermen from around the country come to Lake Michigan for a chance to catch the big one! The successful anglers come to FinQuest Sportfishing for perch charters. We know the precise locations to throw your line for a chance to grab the elusive Perch.

Perch in Lake Michigan averages 13 inches in length, but can grow as large as 15 inches. When you board one of the best-equipped boats in the Lake Michigan, you will have a better chance at snagging a prize 15 inch Perch from beneath the swirling waters.

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The boat is booked for a fishing trip. We will try our best to go Perch fishing on a booked Perch charter but if conditions are Not conducive to catching Perch as in rough or murky water, Or Perch not co-operating the boat must be allowed to switch Tactics and pursue Salmon/trout if they are available and the Weather is safe enough for that day’s booked fishing charter.

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