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Want to book a Lake Michigan Fishing Charter? Here is Captain Tim’s fishing timeline for perch, salmon and trout fishing.

Perch Fishing in Waukegan, Il.

  • APRIL 1-15  Perch start to move in, these early fish can be some of the largest perch of the season. Trolling for Brown trout near shore.
  • APRIL15-30  Prime time for Jumbo Perch limits being taken with numbers of fish over 14”. The Coho run is starting with 3-5 lb fish fill the box.
  • MAY 1-15  Jumbo Perch in full-swing, limits and size, a good mix. Limits of Cohos, a good time for combo trips, some Kings mixed in on most trips.
  • MAY15-30  Jumbo Perch still being caught with some post-spawn fish mixed in the catch. A good time for combo trips, Coho run in full-swing the fish are getting bigger with Rainbows and Kings mixed in the catch.
  • JUNE1-15 Perch starting to thin out but some nice fish still being caught. Coho run is still going strong good catches, bigger fish.

Salmon & Trout Fishing Kenosha, Wi.

  • JUNE15-30  Moving the boat back up to Kenosha, Wi., to follow the seasonal fish movement Kings, Cohos, Rainbow trout and Lake trout are the targets of the trips as we work outside the “hills” area of Kenosha. This time is good for numbers of fish, also the size of the fish is increasing each week.
  • JULY  The Cohos are starting to scatter and we are going deeper into the lake where we are targeting King salmon Steelhead/Rainbows and Laketrout. This is typically the time for our largest catches of the year. The weather is more stable and the fish are putting on the feedbag before spawning. Best time for a “Grand Slam” all 5 species.
  • AUGUST  This is our Trophy time. The fish are at peak size of the year. Kings, Cohos, Rainbows and Browns all stage closer to shore to spawn. The world record 40# + Brown trout was caught in our area in July with others in the high mid 30lb. range. Our area has become the “Best in the world” for Trophy Browntrout fishing.
  • SEPT.  Mature Kings, Brown trout, Cohos and Rainbows being caught near shore. Deeper water off-shore holds younger silver Kings, Cohos, Rainbows and Lakers, Great eating fish and full of fight.
  • OCT.  Targeting the deeper water off-shore for silver Kings, Rainbows and Lake trout make up the catch. With Browntrout being taken near shore throughout the fall. (Boat is taken out for the winter at the end of the month)

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